Laser medicine

Laser medicine consists in the use of lasers in medical diagnosis, treatments, or therapies, such as laser photodynamic therapy. Lasers used in medicine include in principle any type of laser, but especially:

CO2 lasers, used to cut, vaporize, ablate and photo-coagulate soft tissue,diode lasers,dye lasers,excimer lasers ,fiber lasers , gas lasers,free electron lasers , semiconductor diode lasers.

dental laser is a type of laser designed specifically for use in oral surgery or dentistry.

In the United States, the use of lasers on the gums was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the early 1990s, and use on hard tissue like teeth or the bone of the mandible gained approval in 1996. Several variants of dental lasers are in use with different wavelengths and these mean they are better suited for different applications.


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